“You have the best t**ts…”- Sydney Sweeney Garnered the Coolest Compliment for ‘Euphoria’s’ N*de Scenes Thanks to Her Grandmother

“You have the best t**ts…”- Sydney Sweeney Garnered the Coolest Compliment for ‘Euphoria’s’ N*de Scenes Thanks to Her Grandmother

Sydney Sweeney is one of those stars in Hollywood who does not hesitate to take on bold roles. Contrarily, she does them more gracefully. And that is the reason she was nominated twice for the Primetime Emmy Award. The 25-year-old is known for her fabulous performances in HBO’s Euphoria and The White Lotus.

Last year, she appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where she talked about a funny incident from Euphoria’s premiere. Evidently, she shared the incident about how her grandparents reacted to her n*de scenes.

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Sydney Sweeney has the world’s coolest grandparents

Sweeney did a lot of films before playing Cassie Howard in Euphoria, but this particular show can be called her major breakout. She shared with DeGeneres that she was so excited about the show that she brought her whole family to the premiere without thinking about how they would react to her n*de scenes on “a giant screen.” All she thought was “It’s a HOLLYWOOD PREMIERE” and wanted her whole family to be there.

Surprisingly, after the premiere, the reaction she received from her grandparents was, “They said I have the best t*** in Hollywood!” According to animated times, her grandmother was also present at The Ellen Show when she shared this incident and gave her a thumbs up from the audience.

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However, a few days ago, some of the anti-social creatures tagged her family members in some of her n*de scenes from the show, which she did not like. But she came back with a charming response and said that when people do these kinds of disgusting activities, it encourages her to do more such scenes just to piss them off.


This Washington native is not going to stop at any cost. During the lockdown, she launched her production house, Fifty-Fifty Films,”under which she will be producing a lot of films. Not just that, she is also planning on directing films in the future. The actress is soon going to appear in Marvel’s Madame Web along with Dakota Johnson. The film will be released in February of next year. Apart from that, she has signed on as the lead in the 1960s sci-fi erotica “Barbarella”‘s adaptation, which Sony Pictures will be making.

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