Back When Ryan Seacrest Blessed the World With A Rare Kanye West Smiling Photo

Back When Ryan Seacrest Blessed the World With A Rare Kanye West Smiling Photo

Kanye West, now Ye, has perhaps made a name for himself as the controversy-spurring machine. Now, People often tag him for being sick in the head. Well, that is not all. Yet another thing he is famous for is his ‘no smiles given for the pictures’ attitude! Ye’s life may seem to be deep in water, however; before the sun saw his surprisingly unfavorable side, the Donda academy owner was once a successful and celebrated rapper with a cult classic following. Critics gushed over his sonic sophistication and clever wordplay, which blended humor, faith, insight, and political awareness in songs such as Through the Wire.

His flamboyant personality helped him reach the zenith and rise to stardom. He even won a Grammy and multiple awards for his albums. After a successful take-off in singing and producing, West ventured into designing and collaborating with brands such as Nike. Those were really some happy days for the Yeezus singer. But one thing that remained constant all these years is his no smiles given attitude. Seldom do we see Ye West showing off his billion-dollar smile. And guess what? We just hit the jackpot for you.

Kanye West once smiled for a snapshot with Ryan Seacrest

Apparently, the American media personality and the co-host of Live with Kelly and Ryan once shared a snapshot with the Yeezy brand owner back in 2013 and surprisingly, Ye West was captured grinning from ear to ear. Precisely so; a historic picture indeed. For all we know, it is something charming, something comically alluring in TV show hosts such as Seacrest himself that made even the most unsmiling person in pictures smile for that particular click in which they both posed alongside each other.

This was thankfully not the only time the world got to see Ye smile. Pictures of him grinning like a Cheshire cat when he is in his best outfit or is throwing his diamonds rules the internet. Even a few shots of the personality saw him smirking alongside ex-Kim Kardashian. But they are so rare that his ex-wife herself faced difficulty while guessing if Ye is smiling in pictures or not. However, his antisemitic remarks and calling out Kardashian on open platforms have seemingly snatched away this jewel from his face.

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