WRONG ANSWER! Internet Trolls Best Album Winner Harry Styles For Dodging a Beyoncé Question from the Reporter at Grammy Awards 2023

WRONG ANSWER! Internet Trolls Best Album Winner Harry Styles For Dodging a Beyoncé Question from the Reporter at Grammy Awards 2023

As the entire world came together to celebrate the biggest event in the music industry, the internet has been going crazy. Viewers enjoyed the 65th Grammy Awards and noticed the tiniest things too. While many legendary artists got recognition as they won various awards, fans caught a moment of Harry Styles as he was answering a question about the Album of the Year.

Before the ceremony even begins, the red carpet is the best place to talk with the celebrities and get to know their take on the event. The legendary artists of hip-hop music, from Questlove to Grandmaster Flash, opened up about their views of the event. While others expressed their excitement as they were a part of the ceremony. After witnessing the historical performance as a tribute to hip-hop music, finally, the Album Of the Year was announced. And when Harry Styles appeared backstage after receiving the award, people noticed a strange thing, and they called him out. 

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Fans troll Harry Styles for trying to dodge a question at the Grammy Awards

‘Harry’s House,’ ’30,’ ‘Renaissance,’ ‘Good Morning Gorgeous,’ and so forth were some albums that got nominations for the Album of the Year. Although Harry Styles won the award, Beyoncé created history at the 65th Grammy Awards. When making his stylish entry backstage, an interviewer asked Harry Styles if he thought Beyoncé would win the Album of the Year Award. While no one knows what Styles was thinking, he tried to dodge the question. He said he didn’t think you could look at any nominees and not feel like they were deserving. While not saying a yes or a no, he said, “When I look at this category, it’s all people who have inspired me.”

Beyoncé has a huge fan following who were not happy with his answer. They instantly trolled him for the answer he gave.

Beyonce’s fans were a little upset as she didn’t win the Album of the Year Award. Styles’ answer fueled their sadness. While these fans trolled the My Policeman star, his loyal fans supported him, too. Some called out negative commentators for bullying the ‘Watermelon Sugar’ singer for winning, while one tweeter pointed how everyone’s favorite won big at Grammy 2023.

Fans are clearly polarized and triggered. What about you? Tell us what is your take on this while exploring the list of winners here on the official Grammy website. 

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