Wrexham Star Striker Paul Mullin Applauds Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney Being Most “Down to Earth” Owners

Wrexham Star Striker Paul Mullin Applauds Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney Being Most “Down to Earth” Owners

We all know how Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney came to be the owners of the Wrexham AFC. Without any knowledge about the game the duo jumped in to save the third oldest pro soccer team in the world. Their dedication to bringing back the glory of the team and the Wales community as a whole has worked wonders. The pair did their best to understand what it takes to run a successful sports club.

And within a few years of ownership, they were honored with the national award Diolch y Ddraig. Also, the pair has developed a beautiful bond with their team, since Reynolds and McElhenney continually remain connected with them through video meets and occasional visits. However, their involvement hasn’t gone unnoticed, as the Wrexham star striker, Paul Mullin, recently talked about how he feels about them.

Paul Mullin praises Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney for being grounded owners 

In a latest interview with talkSPORT.com, Paul Mullin opened up about their time spent with Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney. During the conversation, he stated that even after being A-listers Hollywood stars, the duo is very humble and supportive. According to him, the Canadian star and his partner always make them feel comfortable, which has made the club strong.

“It’s sort of become quite normalized now and they are just normal people, they’re just really down to earth, and for us that helps a lot as a set of lads we’re the same,” explained the 28-year-old.

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He also revealed that the duo is so helpful they can easily approach them whenever needed. He said that apart from the workings of the club, they also keep a check on their families. “It just happens but it’s obviously quite surreal, but you sort of get used to it, you take it in your stride when these things happen,” added Mullin.

Moving forward, Mullin also talked about how his social media has seen a major difference after Reynolds and McElhenney followed him. The Deadpool star is one of the most popular faces in the entertainment industry and has about 50 million followers. Therefore, it is obvious why his followers started blowing up.

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What do you think about these humble owners of Wrexham AFC? Drop your comments and stick around for updates.

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