“Woodies” – Billy Bush Receives Backlash for Making Lewd Comment on Kendall Jenner

“Woodies” – Billy Bush Receives Backlash for Making Lewd Comment on Kendall Jenner

Did Billy Bush make a sexual comment about Kendall Jenner? The television show host has been a face of the media for years, having worked as the primary anchor for Access. He is notably a member of the George Bush family, with Jonathan Bush being his father. Naturally, he shares relations with other big names in the clan.

But being in the limelight means one could come under constant scrutiny. For someone outspoken like Billy Bush, that has invited trouble before. History may repeat as the host has previously come under fire for his remarks. He recently made a sexual comment about none other than Kendall Jenner.

What sexual remark did Billy Bush make on seeing a picture of Kendall Jenner?

These are sensitive times, and words have consequences, at least for Billy Bush. The anchor was recently caught in a hot mic movement, commenting over the Kardashian sister. As per Dailybeast, he saw a wall screen full of celebrities, with Kendall Jenner’s picture at the center. She was dressed up for Halloween as Jesse, one of the main characters in Toy Story. After the crew around him told him that, he replied, “Kendall goes as Jessie, and, believe me, there were a lot of woodies.” That sure broke the crew members into laughter. But the internet is not too pleased with his comment and is reminded of his previous controversy.

While it could be considered a lewd comment, Telepictures defended it by saying how it was part of the flexible creative process. As per them, a person is allowed that flexibility because content that is too bold for the screens does not make the final cut. That put the end to their statement in this regard.

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Back in 2016, Bush was fired from Today’s show for having a rather offensive s*x banter with Donald Trump. That was when the business tycoon joked about groping women and the host laughed. While it damaged Bush’s career and personal life, Trump went on to become the 45th President. The Extra host has not faced any trouble for his Kendall Jenner remark.

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