Woman Spends Over $30K to Look Like Meghan Markle, and the Results Are Actually Breathtaking

Woman Spends Over $30K to Look Like Meghan Markle, and the Results Are Actually Breathtaking

How far can you go to express your admiration for your favorite celebrity? If you naturally look like a celebrity, it is your blessing. However, if you don’t, you can always find other ways, just like this lawyer, Xochytl Greer, did. Greer spent a fortune to the doctors just to look like her favorite ex-royal member, Meghan Markle. Despite having multiple controversial statements about the former Suits actress, this American lawyer adores her to a great length.

The Dutchess of Sussex has been making the headlines since the day she got married to Prince Harry. When the couple left the UK to settle down in the USA, they enraged many citizens of England and the followers of the Royal Family. However, after the release of their Netflix docuseries, Harry and Meghan, the Duke of Sussex published his memoir named Spare. Although the Sussexes received mixed reviews from both their productions, this woman from Texas went crazy over her idol, Meghan Markle.

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A woman paid a huge amount of money to look like Meghan Markle

Despite the existence of her haters, the Duchess of Sussex has been an inspiration for many women all around the world. A huge fan of the former actress spent around 28,000 euros to look like her. The 36-year-old lawyer is a mother of 3 children with a complex for her physique. Therefore, she decided to have cosmetic surgery and specifically asked the doctor to make her look like the Archetypes host.

Of course, the transformation didn’t happen overnight. Xochytl Greer had to go through a five-step surgery to look like her idol. This surgery cost her no less than 28,000 euros. However, initially, the outcome of the surgery was unsure. But then the results surprised everyone, including the doctors.

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Now, the woman claimed she didn’t look more like the Duchess of Sussex. However, she is satisfied with her surgery because she can see some similarities. But the most surprising part of this surgery is the statement of the surgeon who performed it. He stated Greer is not the only one who has asked to look like Markle.

Well, can you believe anyone going to this length to admire a celebrity? Share your views about this whole surgery and idolizing Meghan Markle in the comment box below.

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