Woman of Her Word! Sydney Sweeney Takes a Step Further in Her Pledge to Only Drink One Thing in Life With Bai

Woman of Her Word! Sydney Sweeney Takes a Step Further in Her Pledge to Only Drink One Thing in Life With Bai

Sydney Sweeney is someone who takes intensive care of her body. She has the most flawless skin you will ever see, not to mention her gorgeous figure. And, this secret behind Everything Sucks! actress’s glowing skin is a practice that she follows on a regular basis and keeps mentioning whenever possible.

Apparently, the Euphoria actress has very sensitive combination skin, which does not work well with products with too many chemicals. She also claims to not have ever tried coffee. Recently, she discussed a pledge she made when she was thirteen years old and is still keeping.

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What is the pledge Sydney Sweeney claims to never break?

Sweeney treats her body like a temple and does not drink anything except water. Growing up, she struggled a lot with acne as a teen and once applied toothpaste all over her face to prevent it, which resulted in horrible rashes. Since then, the small-town girl began drinking a lot of water, which has helped her tremendously. Not only that, she is someone who does not drink alcohol at all.

She even partners with products that have water as their base. “I took a pledge to only drink water, and I’ve stuck with it,” she told Yahoo! News. The Spokane native recently partnered with Bai (a soft drink company), especially with their antioxidant-infused WonderWater. This company offers drinks full of antioxidants that have very few calories. Sweeney recently posted an ad with the company promoting their water.

By promoting these drinks, she is making a small amendment to her pledge. She has decided to infuse her water with some flavors, and Bai’s blueberry and strawberry lemonade flavors seem to be the actress’s favorite. However, one thing that she consumes excessively is sugar.

The actress once claimed in an interview with GQ that she can not live without sugar. She even sorted eight different kinds of candies into three categories, calling them her breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But for someone who is so conscious of their health, a little cheating is allowed.

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