‘Woman is class!’ Pregnant Kate Middleton Had Netizens’ Jaws Dropped When She Played Hockey In Heels in 2012

‘Woman is class!’ Pregnant Kate Middleton Had Netizens’ Jaws Dropped When She Played Hockey In Heels in 2012

Princess of Wales has class and is sporty to join the fun without any fuss. Before she became the wife of Prince William and the Princess of Wales, the Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine ‘Kate’ Middleton was (and still is) an accomplished and elegant sportsperson. And guess what? she knows the way with the heels. Those high-inch painful footwears are perhaps the last thing to come between the princess and her love for sports and outings. And this was a fact proven when she visited her alma mater and re-lived her school days back in the year 2012.

Marrying to his archenemy, Prince William, back in 2011, Middleton was certainly aware of what she was signing up for. Controversies and media scrutiny have apparently stayed with the British royal family since the Augustan age. However, despite such a horrifying lifestyle and the need to take care of every single expression, she has led her life with grace and a great sportsperson spirit. Furthermore, it seems like fans are in awe of her inherent talent as they appreciate the royal entity after the clip of her playing hockey surfaced on the internet.

Kate Middleton amazed the fans with her hockey skills.

Prince Harry’s sister-in-law had visited her school, St. Andrew, just after a year of her marriage. Notably, during her school life, the Duchess of Cambridge used to play field hockey. So when she once again got the chance to play, Kate Middleton did not let her high-heeled boots come in her way. And while the others were in cleats, she did not lose touch with them.

When one of the Instagram pages about the royal family rekindled that memory, netizens had a say in it. They apparently sang in the praises of the Princess and basked in her glory. You can have a look at a few of them below:

One of the fans rightly pointed out this was perhaps just one of the many scheduled events of her day and still leaned in.”

Others seem to be just amazed by her ability to play so gleefully and comfortably in heels.

You can have a look at a plethora of fan reactions here.

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Do you agree with the netizens? Can you play hockey in heels? Let us know in the comment section below.

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