With the First Look of ‘The Crown’ Season 5, Will the Royal Family Accept the New Season?

With the First Look of ‘The Crown’ Season 5, Will the Royal Family Accept the New Season?

The House of Windsor is perhaps one of the most filmed, talked about, and written about Royal dynasties in the world. With a story so fascinating and full of ups and downs, it is no surprise that The Crown is a massive hit. Based on the life of Britain’s longest monarch, the late Queen Elizabeth II, the show has loyal fans all over the world.

With anticipations riding high, the audience is thrilled as Netflix released the official first-look pictures of the new season. However, the Royal Family itself might not share the same excitement as the fans. Let us find out the reasons.

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Is The Crown season 5 a cause of concern for The Royal Family?

At TUDUM, Netflix’s global fan event, the streamer unveiled a teaser and the release date for season 5 of The Crown. The latest episodes with an entirely new cast will grace our screens on November 9. As fans around the world go berserk, the actual members of the Royal Family find themselves on pins and needles.

So much so that about a month ago, a senior source of the family addressed the public. Shortly after the coverage of the Queen’s state funeral, they strongly reiterated that the Netflix show “is drama, not a documentary.” Perhaps this concern is because this season will explore one of the most controversial storylines that went down in history.

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We, of course, refer to the very public separation of the then Prince Charles and Princess Diana, often referred to as the “War of the Waleses.” The broken marriage resulted in a massive public relations war. With constant press briefings and interviews, both sides were vocal about their stories and battled over which narrative reached the public.

In conversation with the Telegraph, a senior source dubbed The Crown as “exploitative” regarding its subject matter.

What people forget is that there are real human beings and real lives at the heart of this,” they said.

Since the beginning, The Royals have been extremely cautious of their public image. They go to great lengths to control the narrative and make sure every story that reaches the masses is pre-approved. With the Netflix show, however, it is the streaming platform calling the shots, leaving the members of the Royal Family unsettled.

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Do you think the Royal Family with oppose the new season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. In the meantime, all four seasons of The Crown are streaming on Netflix.

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