“With that reality, how can you be here”: Will Smith Talks About the Real Pursuit of Happiness and Life

“With that reality, how can you be here”: Will Smith Talks About the Real Pursuit of Happiness and Life

This year’s My Next Guest Needs No Introduction was one of the best seasons of the show so far. Every single guest that appeared on the show was as honest as they could be. Every celebrity shared a part of themselves that viewers did not know existed. But if there has to be a winner, then the Will Smith episode is the undefeated champion.

The whole episode was a great blend of laughter and insight into the Academy Award Winner’s life. He shared some of the most personal struggles he faced in his life right from his childhood. He even let people know the secret to his rapping fame. But the most enlightening segment of his one-hour-long interview was at the end. Just before ending the interview, Will shares the ideal way to live life. And we want everyone to know what Will said.

The happiest way to live life according to Will Smith

In what can easily be called the most interesting episode of David Letterman’s My Next Guest Needs No Introduction, Will Smith talked about a lot of things. His episode was full of knowledge and personal experiences that Will had learned over the years.

In the entire episode, Will shares something or the other that he picked up in his three-decade-long career. But the most important lesson he shared was right about at the end of his interview.

While Will and David Letterman are talking about the material gains of this world and how one can never be fulfilled as long as their goals are materially based, Will shares one of the most hard-hitting realities of life.

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Will discusses how happiness and stability can only be achieved when an individual understands that there is nothing in their hands. Everything is an illusion except what they are going through at the present moment.

“You have to learn to live with reality. that any moment anything can be gone in one second. So, with that reality, how can you be here?” articulates Will.

Do watch the whole episode only on Netflix to learn more from the King Richard actor. And let us know which part you loved the most from his interview.

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