With Ongoing ‘Harry & Meghan’ fiasco, Prince William Once Said ‘no one can try to fit my mom’s shoes’ About Kate Middleton

With Ongoing ‘Harry & Meghan’ fiasco, Prince William Once Said ‘no one can try to fit my mom’s shoes’ About Kate Middleton

Through Netflix’s multi-million Docuseries, the Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry has confessed his profound feelings of love and respect for his wife, the Duchess, Meghan Markle. In an hour-long episode of the first volume, the Prince gushed about the similar attributes Markle shares with his beloved late mother, Princess Diana. The self-exiled Duke feels himself to be extremely lucky to have been blessed with someone who helped him carry his mother’s torch. However, things are a little different with Prince William and Princess Kate. 

With great power come great responsibilities. This has notably held true for every member of the royal family, especially the future King and the Queen in waiting. With their future as it is, they also have an increasing amount of closely guarded duties towards their UK sovereigns. Given the fact that Prince William’s mother was a massively iconic figure, it is no doubt that the weight of carrying the legacy forward falls on the shoulders of their eldest in line. However, the Prince has something else to say about the same.

Prince William seemingly put no pressure on Kate Middleton 

Years ago, after their engagement in 2010, the rightful descendant of the throne of Britain expressed his opinions of his wife and mother. While answering a flurry of interviews, the Prince affirmed, “No one is going to try to fill my mother’s shoes, what she did was fantastic.” Further weighing on their duties towards the family and the nation as a whole, he said, “It’s about making your own future and your own destiny”. 

While giving the statements, he sounded very confident of his wife and concluded by saying that Catherine will do a very good job of that. Before Prince William’s answers, the media raised a question to his then-newly wed wife. Referring to the pressure of maintaining the same aura and charm as Princess Diana, they asked Kate Middleton if she has been dealing with the same. After a good deal of explanation, the Princess of Wales agreed that she does.

However, the Prince seemingly diluted the air saying, “there’s no such pressure.” It was also about carving their own future for themselves, they said. Amidst the Harry and Meghan hype, a fan of Wales has given a major throwback to this sweet gesture of William and Kate. 

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