With Kanye West Missing Reports, Crazy Theory of Britney Spears Disappearing Surfaces on Internet

With Kanye West Missing Reports, Crazy Theory of Britney Spears Disappearing Surfaces on Internet

Where is Britney Spears? While bizarre theories regarding celebrities are no new thing, controversial ones always manage to surprise us. The singer is one of the much-loved icons that got huge support from her fans when she won her conservatorship against her father. She even married her boyfriend Sam Asghari, but instead of a happy ending, her bizarre social media presence only left the fans more worried.

Meanwhile, the other celebrity making news for the wrong reasons is Kanye West. The Donda singer drew a lot of enemies due to his controversial statements against Jews. People then started claiming that he may have disappeared. While that rumor was flying, there are now speculations about Britney Spears’ whereabouts.

After Kanye West-related speculations, has Britney Spears disappeared too?

Has Spears disappeared or just taken a break from the media? That is a question we all wonder since the Toxic singer seems to have disappeared from social media. She had been posting rather bizarre posts, and then suddenly disappeared altogether. Asghari, her husband had come under scrutiny for not opening up about her whereabouts. As per hitc, it is quite common for the actress to take a break from social media. It led fans to speculate if she could be in harm’s way.

Adding to the fuel was YouTuber Jeffree Star who claimed in 2020 that the Illuminati tried to cause harm to him. And said, “if you guys only knew the truth about what they are doing to Britney & Kanye.” Although the two were fine after that, this rumor has had people think about that claim. As for the claim on Ye’s disappearance, a site claimed that the singer has disappeared, with the former manager trying to hunt him.

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That likely is a possibility considering his financial ruin. He has disappeared from social media in the last few days, after mass criticism and backlash. As for Spears, she is likely enjoying her new Year. Do you think Britney Spears is doing fine or could the rumors be true? Comment your thoughts.

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