With ‘Bad Boys 4’ Greenlit, Netflix Welcomes Will Smith Movies ‘Bad Boys I’ & II to Its Catalogue

With ‘Bad Boys 4’ Greenlit, Netflix Welcomes Will Smith Movies ‘Bad Boys I’ & II to Its Catalogue

Will Smith got more people to ‘Jiggy’ with him through his badass character in the Bad Boys franchise than he did with his iconic song. While this is certainly debatable, the fact that starring in Bad Boys alongside Martin Lawrence is one of the biggest reasons why Will Smith is the megastar that he is today is not. A term recurrent with cinema is ‘magic,’ which is what many of this generation felt when they watched Martin Lawrence and Will Smith not only form a bond to admire but also showcase their sleek fight moves, all packed with enough punch lines to have you wheezing in Bad Boys I.

Many artists around the globe talk about the significance of the right project at the right time and for Smith, who was fresh off the popularity of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Bad Boys was it. While the actors involved went on to do many other projects in the same genre, the Bad Boys franchise had instilled such fondness that at the end of the day an addition to the franchise was all they could ask from the stars. Although the movie may have stopped running in theaters, Netflix has brought us joy by streaming both Bad Boys I and Bad Boys II.

Why watch Bad Boys I and II on Netflix?

Besides the obvious answer of “Why not?”, there are countless crucial reasons to binge on this franchise. Firstly, legend has it on Twitter that some fans are still in awe of how fine Will Smith looked in the movie.

And secondly, it has been more than two decades since the release of the first Bad Boys movie, and no other cop action comedy has touched the milestone that it did.

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The third reason to watch the first two parts of the movie series would be the upcoming installment. Martin Lawrence and Will Smith announced that Bad Boys 4 is very much real and happening, courtesy of Michael Bay, who stood strong by Smith as Oscar events of the past year caused an uproar against him.

Netflix announcing that it will be streaming both Bad Boys I and II has come at the best time ever. Binge-watching the older movies of the Bad Boys franchise will help you realize just why the hype is so loud.

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Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett started with $100 million worth of Mafia heroin madness and were nearly assassinated by a drug king’s widow the last time we met them in Bad Boys For Life. What if they are tasked to stop a money heist in Spain next? You never know with cop buddies Lowrey and Burnett.

Check out the movies on Netflix and let us know your favorite moments in the comments below.

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