Winona Ryder Reveals the One Moment Where Sadie Sink Left Her Mark as an Actress on Her

Winona Ryder Reveals the One Moment Where Sadie Sink Left Her Mark as an Actress on Her

Stranger Things on Netflix was that benchmark thriller series that set the bar too high for any other series to keep up with. Apart from being the biggest chartbuster franchise in the television industry, it also brought many notable and versatile actors to the surface. One such character was Max Mayfield, played by the gorgeous and beautiful Sadie Sink. 

Besides fans, even film directors and actors are all praises for her remarkable role in the Stranger Things franchise, especially in the latest season. Who knew that the loner MadMax who skateboarded into our lives would leave such an impact? Along with us, other big names in the industry have recently published their views in an article in Time magazine. Out of all, Winona Ryder could not help but sing praises of Sadie by recalling some good old moments. 

Winona Ryder pens down a mesmerizing appreciation note for Sadie Sink

Ryder gave a massive throwback to the time when she had seen Sink for the first time on the TV series called The Americans. From the very first impression, the director-producer had instantly marked Sink’s name in her notebook. She expressed her desire to work with the Texas native forever. Hence, having “her in Stranger Things as a co-star was a little secret victory,” wrote Winona. 


She also strived to beautifully weave the description of Max’s character and how much Sadie is devoted to it. “As an actor, she (Sadie)knows that we are ultimately in service to the characters,” affirmed Winona in her article. According to the 50-year-old star, Sadie Sink is one of the very few talented actresses who have the courage to walk on the balance beam of acting. 

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Towards the end of it, she also lets us know what an incredible person Sadie is at heart, apart from her brilliant acting skills. She penned down an anecdote that happened in the recent past at the Stranger Things 4 premiere. While she, along with others, was all excited and overjoyed at the event, she remembered Sadie having the widest smile. The 20-year-old was instead happier about her brother’s graduation from law school than for her enormous stardom. 

Honestly, we could not agree more since this was truly the epitome of Sadie Sink, the Queen, with a gorgeous visage and yet a more gorgeous heart.

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