‘Windfall’ on Netflix: Lily Collins Is All Praises for Her Director Husband, Charlie McDowell, “He’s such an actor’s director.”

‘Windfall’ on Netflix: Lily Collins Is All Praises for Her Director Husband, Charlie McDowell, “He’s such an actor’s director.”

Emily in Paris star Lily Collins is in the recent Netflix movie, Windfall. Joining her are actors Jason Segal and Jesse Plemmons. Collins’ husband, Charlie McDowell directs the movie. 

Collins and Plemmons play a couple in the Netflix film Windfall. The couple decides to go on a vacation and arrive at a vacation home. But they are surprised to find an unexpected guest, Jason. The filming began in 2021 amidst the pandemic under stringent measures with few people on the set. Segel worked on the story along with Charlie, Justin Laser, and Andrew Kevin Walker. Their writing sessions would begin and end on Zoom.

The creators didn’t want the movie to be centered around the pandemic. They wanted to create something different. “We also felt like there was going to be a lot of pandemic movies being made so we’re like, ‘OK, let’s take the essence of it, but have it be about something else,said Charlie.

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Also, it was Jason who came up with the idea of shooting the entire movie in one location. But who better than Charlie to direct a movie like that? He is the man behind The One I Love, Legion, On Becoming a God in Central Florida, and Dear White People. This also marks the second collaboration of the pair. Charlie had previously worked with Jason in Dispatches from Elsewhere. Lily gushed, “He’s masterful at that. It takes a lot to make one location feel a million different ways. You start to feel stuck, claustrophobic, and uncomfortable and it becomes a character in and of itself. We wanted to be creative.”

Lily and Charlie got engaged during the filming of Windfall on Netflix 

Six months into their marriages, they are both still discovering new things about each other. Lily Collins expressed how he doesn’t treat her like his wife on the sets of Windfall. “It’s really funny because I kept forgetting that we were together because he treats everyone equally and he’s such an actor’s director.” She further revealed that he’s “weirdly calm under pressure” and is only about the “end game.” Charlie, on other hand, described Lilly as a “chameleon”. “She’s so kind and respectful to everyone, and then she can play a scene where she does a dark turn,” he explained.

Windfall is currently streaming on Netflix.

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