Willow Smith Channels 2000s Vibes With the Stella McCartney Suit That Bella Hadid Wore During Paris Fashion Week

Willow Smith Channels 2000s Vibes With the Stella McCartney Suit That Bella Hadid Wore During Paris Fashion Week

Willow Smith has been in the news for various reasons, be it her performance, fashion, or even her behavior. After the Oscar Slap-gate, the Whip My Hair singer has been rather out of the public eye for a decent amount of time. When Will Smith’s Emancipation released worldwide, the family went on to show their closeness during the premiere.

Well, the family showed great spirit. Willow, on the other hand, brought in the 2000s vibes. You wouldn’t believe that the look is quite familiar, and it is related to the supermodel Bella Hadid. Yes! The model went on to showcase the beautiful Stella McCartney suit in Paris Fashion Week.

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Willow Smith brings in the 2000s vibes at the Emancipation premiere

After a break, Willow appeared in public with an amazing style, bringing back the 2000s vibes. The singer wore the Stella McCartney set that Bella Hadid wore on her runway. In October, during Paris Fashion Week, Bella wore a button-up vest with low-rise trousers. Smith posted her sizzling look on her Instagram feed with a slight change that she brought to the set after the event.

This classic set of clothes allowed the singer to show off her amazing tattoos. She gave herself a pop-star look with curled hair and densely lined eyes. The 22-year-old singer once opened up about mental health and anxiety issues. To which, Bella Hadid replied with, “You’re not alone.” Both celebrities got candid about their mental health while the supermodel said social media wasn’t real. She also shared her crying pictures and reminded the world that being emotional was okay.

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While both women showed their emotional and powerful sides, Willow Smith came back with a bang on the red carpet. After the slap incident, this is the first big project that Will Smith has starred in. Therefore, it was pretty special for him and his daughter made it even more special.

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