Will Tiger King Have A Season 3 On Netflix? What Can Happen In The New Season?

Will Tiger King Have A Season 3 On Netflix? What Can Happen In The New Season?

With its ever-increasing popularity, Tiger King on Netflix impressed fans across the globe. Cat owners finally got the recognition they needed. With the two seasons of the show, it is safe to say that people can’t get enough of them and wants more. Although there isn’t an official statement about Tiger King season 3, there are so many loose ends that the creators can explore.

Tiger King brought us Joe “Exotic” Passage and other big cat owners who breed big cats as a hobby. The documentary directors shot the second season through the devastating covid pandemic. So, shooting Tiger King season 3 should be a relatively simple task. But first, we look at the exploits of season 2.

A recap of season two

This season only features five episodes. Joe Exotic never got the presidential pardon from Donald Trump he was hoping for. The central point of season 1 was in prison for animal abuse and attempted murder of Carole Baskin, but the story went on.

Carole Baskin wanted nothing to do with the documentary. Carole filed a legal lawsuit against Netflix for using her footage in the season 2 trailer. However, the second season delved deep into the disappearance of Don Lewis, Carole’s ex-husband.

What to expect from Tiger King season 3?

With Joe still locked up in jail, fans can expect more drama revolving around the case. Joe’s lawyer, John Phillips, is already asking for a new trial since he believes the defendants have targeted Joe for publicity. Honestly, even if a camera crew just roams around these big cat owners, they will find enough content.

There are many unsolved Tiger King mysteries that need answers. The most important one is Don Lewis’ disappearance. Jeff Lowe is also holding a grudge against Carole Baskin, PETA, and others, who were involved in the confiscation of Jeff’s big cats. 

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But, many critics are raising serious concern whether the documentary will get a third season considering its low viewership. Many also believe that season one of Tiger King only grabbed attention because it premiered during the peak pandemic.

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