Will There Be More Realistic Cakes to Guess? Did Netflix Renew ‘Is It Cake?’

Will There Be More Realistic Cakes to Guess? Did Netflix Renew ‘Is It Cake?’

Season 1 of Is It Cake? has blown our minds with gorgeous and delicious cakes. The contestants from the show impressed everyone with their incredible creations in every episode. So, after an amazing season 1, fans are eagerly waiting for Is It Cake? Season 2. Will the show renew for another season? Or is it the end of gorgeous cakes on Netflix?

Is It Cake? is a reality show-style cooking competition television series created by Dan Cutforth and Jane Lipsitz. The show hosted by the very famous Mikey Day has the contestants baking cakes that replicate common objects to trick fans and judges in each episode. Season 1 has created quite a buzz among the audience for its simplicity and fun. It’s the perfect show that you can watch with your family. But don’t you ever watch them with an empty stomach: You will be left craving for some cake.

How many seasons of Is It Cake are there?

Only one season of Is It Cake? is up on the streaming giant, which contains eight episodes. Each episode of Season 1 is less than 40 minutes.

Will there be a Is It Cake? season 2?

Netflix hasn’t canceled or renewed Is It Cake? till now. The food reality show has done amazingly on the streamer. However, there is still no renewal, and they put the show’s season 2 on standby mode.

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When will Is It Cake? season 2 hit Netflix?

The food reality show was put on standby mode, even though the show has done so well. Since season 1 just premiered a few days ago, we can not expect Netflix to make the announcement just yet. The streaming giant also needs to find a new batch of talented bakers who are willing to bake cake in the shape of everyday objects.

So, we are quite optimistic that Netflix will renew the show for a new season, and if that happens, season 2 will likely release in early 2023.

What will be the method to choose the contestants in season 2?

The search begins on Instagram, where great bakers from all over the world bring together to showcase their ability, talent, and critical thinking.

So, if you still haven’t watched season 1 of Is It Cake?, go and binge-watch the show.

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