Will There Be An ‘After Life’ Season 4 Or A Spinoff? Everything You Need To Know

Will There Be An ‘After Life’ Season 4 Or A Spinoff? Everything You Need To Know

The Last season of After Life premiered on Netflix on January 14, 2022. Although Season 3 ending has kept little to explore, fans aren’t ready to give up. If the need arises, fans might start a petition for After Life season 4. We can only look at the possibilities once we understand the end. So, let us look at what the cast has to say about the final season.

After Life cast on the last season

Season 3 ended with Tony and Brandy fading away into thin air at the Tambury Fair. If you couldn’t understand the ending, Ricky Gervais (Tony), the creator and writer of the series, has explained: “It’s just that life goes on, you know? When we’re all dead and buried, that field’s still there, the Tambury Fair is still going, that tree is still there, and it’s basically said that we all die, but not today.”

Diane Morgan (Kath) acknowledged the public opinion as she answered: “I think some people will find it devastating. They’ll look at it, and they’ll go, ‘Oh, God, what does that mean?’ You know, and they’ll read all kinds of things into it. But hopefully, you’ve got to see that that’s it. Life goes on.”

Ricky Gervais and Diane Morgan gave their reactions to Digital Spy when asked about the end of the series.

Chances for After Life Spinoff

If the writer and creator Ricky had any plans, he would have told the public about it by now. So, if he feels the story has a natural end, he won’t stretch it for another season. After Life has great reviews because fans feel that the quality hasn’t been compromised.

The chances are bleak, but there are a few characters who had some major events lined up. But since the series ended, we will never get to witness any of them. First would be Lenny, who has a marriage pending. Kath and postman Pat also make for an interesting couple, and fans would love to see more of them.

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Let us know in the comments if you have got a plotline for a spinoff series or season 4 of After Life.

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