Will There Be a Season 2 for ‘Kleo’ on Netflix?

Will There Be a Season 2 for ‘Kleo’ on Netflix?

Among all the many things that Netflix can boast about, its German thriller with a female spy at the helm of affairs is probably among its finest. Kleo on Netflix is a series that is cooked up with just the right amount of humor, mystery, and crime. The enamoring aspect of this Netflix series is that it isn’t confined to a single genre.

It manages to make you cry and post betrayal quotes on your social media while at the same time having a chokehold grip on you with its mystery and action sequences. It was released in the Summer and became everyone’s favorite spy thriller. The series consisted of eight gripping episodes. Furthermore, the last episode of Kleo did not end with an explanation but a question. This had fans wondering if Netflix plans to renew Kleo for a Season 2.

Will Netflix be making a Kleo Season 2?

The first season follows an eccentric Stassi Assasin Kleo Straub. Additionally, Kleo is a terrific agent, that of James Bond’s caliber if we may say, and works for her grandfather. The storyline builds up parallel to the chaos surrounding the Berlin Wall in 1989. Kleo kills a businessman at a West German club for a mission. However, one determined police officer named Sven starts putting the puzzle pieces together.

This leads up to Kleo Straub’s arrest while she is pregnant. The tragedy of the young girl does not end there as even her mentor and grandfather testify against her and miscarry. However, her life sentence is cut short after the destruction of the Berlin Wall.

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In contrast to the fall of the wall, Kleo rises with a burning determination to get revenge on every person who turned their backs on her. In her quest, she discovers that the biggest clue to the villain of her story is a red suitcase.

Toward the end of the first season, Kleo finds the red suitcase. Who does it belong to? What does it have? Is it worth the damage? Will form the premise of Kleo Season 2 on Netflix. Moreover, the renewal of the show comes in light of Netflix’s planning to expand its catalog of European content. This includes the OTT Mughal also doubling its investment in the region.

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