Will There Be a ‘Hype House’ Season 2? Check Expectations, Renewal Status, Cast, and More

Will There Be a ‘Hype House’ Season 2? Check Expectations, Renewal Status, Cast, and More

Hype House is Netflix’s most recent reality show that features social media influencers, making it a perfect combination of TikTok and Netflix. After the immense success of the first season, fans are wondering when Hype House season 2 will return.

The reality show features nine social media influencers share their personal life and career with the audience. Since its launch on January 7, 2022, the Netflix show has received quite a mixed reaction from the audiences. While some love the show, others wonder why such a was even made and claim that they will hate-watch it.

In a recent conversation with Bustle, Alex Warren, a fellow cast of Hype House answers the negative comments on the show and says, “To the people saying they’re going to hate-watch the show, I 100% indulge you to. We put our lives these last few months into this show for you to judge, critique, and fall in love with our personalities. I’m not expecting everyone to love it, but I am expecting everyone to have fun watching.”

As mentioned earlier, Hype House season  received a lot of love-hate reviews. And many are wondering if there will be a second season.

Let us look at what we know so far.

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Has Netflix confirmed a Hype House season 2?

Netflix still hasn’t confirmed that there will be a Hype House season 2. Since season 1 released just a few days ago, it’s very early to say if the streaming giant will drop or keep the show.

The Hype House Season 2 release Date

Since Netflix still hasn’t officially renewed season 2, we can’t say anything about the next season’s premiere date. However, most Netflix reality shows have two seasons come out in a particular year, if renewed. So, if there was an official renewal, the season 2 will likely release in June 2022.

Is there a Hype House season 2 trailer?

No, there isn’t a trailer for the season 2 since the next season hasn’t yet been confirmed by the streaming giant.

Who will star in season 2?

Season 1 cast included Chase Hudson (aka Lil Huddy), Thomas Petrou, Alex Warren, Kouvr Annon, Ryland Storms, Calvin Goldby, Connor Yates, Patrick Huston, Larray (Larri Merritt), Mia Hayward, Jack Wright, Michael Sanzone, Sienna Mae Gomez, Vinnie Hacker, and Nikita Dragun. Now, with such shows, it is common for many members to leave the house and for new people take their place. With the increasing tension between Chase and Thomas and them leaving the house, we can expect some changes in the season 2 cast.

Netflix has already revealed many members like Warren, Sanzone, Annon, Yates, Goldby, and Huston have already moved out of the house. Currently, Petrou, Mia Hayward, Jake Hayward, Wright, Hacker, and Renata Ri are still living in the mansion.

It is safe to say the season will take good time in reaching us and when it does, there will be changes in the cast. What do you think of Hype House getting a season 2? Let us know in the comments below.

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