Will the Upcoming Superman Film Be a Reboot Rather Than a Sequel?

Will the Upcoming Superman Film Be a Reboot Rather Than a Sequel?

When Henry Cavill donned his kryptonian suit for Black Adam, it brought with itself a plethora of new avenues for the DC Extended Universe to explore. Henry Cavill as the Man Of Steel is one of the most iconic superhero roles in the history of both Marvel and DC. Superman’s return to the DCEU has been a long time coming ever since his last outing in 2017 film Justice League. While Cavill did return for a cameo scene now, possibilities of Superman featuring in the future DC films are huge. And, an individual Superman film is most likely to happen. But, will we have a reboot of the Superman film rather than a sequel to the 2013 movie Man Of Steel?

Since 2013, fans have been demanding a sequel to the Man Of Steel. Even though Clark Kent did make an appearance in DC films, he never had a solo film except in 2013. But now since Cavill made his comeback, here is all we know about the new Superman film.

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Will Superman have a sequel or a reboot?

Henry Cavill is a character that had one of the most interesting arcs in the history of DCEU. However, as per rumors, the new Man Of Steel will no longer be the same as the one created by Zack Snyder. Furthermore, in the Man of Steel 2(as and when it happens) Clark Kent will be differently portrayed as a defining moment from Superman’s history will be erased.

Following the events of Ezra Miller Flash film, a lot of things will change for the franchise. Furthermore, the event where Superman killed General Zod will be erased from the character history. The Son of Krypton will now be a new character as Warner Bros forward with future films.

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Previously, rumors of Warner Bros. considering various directors to direct a new Man Of Steel have been floating around. Top Gun director Joseph Kosinski and Andy Muschtietty are amongst the favorites. As we all know, Man Of Steel 2 has been a mysterious project. As of late, we do not have an official statement from DC about the film. However, it does seem like that Cavill is eager and has plans for Superman.

What are your hopes from the Man Of Steel 2? Do let us know in the comments below.

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