Will the Trump Documentary on 2020 Election, ‘Unprecedented’ Release on Netflix?

Will the Trump Documentary on 2020 Election, ‘Unprecedented’ Release on Netflix?

Donald J. Trump is one of those US presidents who is known for his controversies. However, it’s hard to say whether he loved controversies or they loved him. In line with this, director Alex Holder decided to make a documentary on Trump. It was one of the most awaited documentaries of the year 2022 and was released yesterday. The name of this Trump documentary is Unprecedented. Have a look at what’s it all about.

All about the Trump Documentary

Unprecedented has three episodes, focusing on different elements of President Trump’s last months in the White House and after. The documentary goes deep into Donald Trump’s mind as the fallout from his failed 2020 re-election campaign gets worse and worse.

The documentary features his family’s reaction to Joe Biden’s winning the election. It also includes interviews with the former president, former Vice President Mike Pence, Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump Jr., and Eric Trump. In fact, it also has footage of what happened on Jan. 6, 2021.

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Here’s the trailer of the documentary.

The first episode of the documentary is titled “The Roar.” It’s about how COVID-19 interrupted Donald J. Trump’s campaign efforts.

Consequently, the second episode is Chaos and Madness and shows President Trump gearing up for the final sprint before Election Day.

And the third and last episode is The Kindling. It’s about how President Trump refuses to accept the result of the election.

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Alex Holder, the documentary director, shared his excitement over the release via tweet.

Is Unprecedented on Netflix?

It’s bad news for those waiting for the release of the Trump documentary on Netflix. Instead, the Trump documentary is streaming on Discover Plus.

You can watch Unprecedented on Discover Plus. However, there’s another Trump Documentary on Netflix called Trump: An American Dream, which is totally worth watching.

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