Will the Queen Strip Harry and Meghan of Their Titles Because of $100 Million Netflix Deal?

Will the Queen Strip Harry and Meghan of Their Titles Because of $100 Million Netflix Deal?

June has been a huge month for the celebrity couple, Meghan and Harry. They were seen in their royal attire after almost two years of announcing their decision to denounce their royalty. However, as this month inches toward its end, it looks like the couple isn’t done making news yet.

Earlier, the couples’ decision to attend the Queen’s platinum jubilee created a lot of tense atmospheres. Many thought they might sneak personal footage to give to Netflix.

And it looks like the apprehension still stands.

Meghan and Harry to give an insight into the Royal Family

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are anticipated to give the docuseries a rare insight into royal lives, with cameras entering their Montecito residence in California. The Sussexes allegedly inked an £82 million ($100 million) contract with Netflix.

Royal biographer Duncan Larcombe said, “To say the Palace is twitchy about this is an understatement.”

Mr. Duncan then went on to say that there has been a lot of talk about the couple’s royal title as it is their title that is attracting all the publicity.

He added, “If this show goes ahead, the Queen will almost certainly strip them of their titles. This could stir up a hornet’s nest.”

While the series’ contents are unknown, the Sussexes were photographed shooting with Netflix during a trip to New York in September.

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According to rumors, the streaming service wants to release the series before the end of the year. But Harry and Meghan want it to premiere in 2023.

According to Mr. Larcombe, viewers will see some private moments between the pair, adding: “If the sums of money involved are accurate. Netflix is going to want more than footage of Prince Harry doing the washing up.”

Royal aides did their best in order to stop any footage or photographs from being clicked by Netflix. And it is also reported that the Netflix deal has created a rift between Prince Harry and Prince William.

Experts also believe that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry need to be smart with their Netflix deal.

What do you guys think? Will Meghan and Harry release exclusive footage from inside the royal palace? Feel free to share your answers with us in the comments.

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