Will the Dexter Franchise Continue After ‘Dexter: New Blood’? Paramount Boss Says Yes

Will the Dexter Franchise Continue After ‘Dexter: New Blood’? Paramount Boss Says Yes

America’s smart serial killer Dexter Morgan received a lot of love from the audience. The mystery series that ran from 2006 to 2013 had a total of 96 episodes divided into eight seasons. It followed the journey of Morgan, a man with homicidal tendencies. The charming serial killer spent his days solving the cases as a forensic expert while the nights were reserved to satisfy his inexplicable urge to kill people

Set after ten years of Dexter’s finale was the 2021 crime thriller Dexter: New Blood. The spinoff of the original series, Dexter: New Blood, was also a massive hit among the masses. It followed the journey of Morgan living a completely new life in New York away from his original home in Miami Following the huge success of the first two shows, the fans are eager to get a glimpse of their favorite Dexter Morgan again. But will they?

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Paramount Boss reveals the details for a third series

Looks like the fans will not have to wait much for the sequel in the continuation of Dexter: New Blood. The CCO of Paramount+, David Nevins, was recently involved in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, wherein he gave insights on the next season. It is cheerful news for Dexter fans as the Showtimes CEO confirmed that he is working on the script. 

Although the Paramount Boss didn’t give any more details, we are at least sure that the next Dexter season is on cards. “There are a lot of things. What is the future of the Dexter franchise? I am actively working on that,” Nevins mentioned. 

How will the story shape following the Dexter: New Blood finale?

There were a lot of speculations regarding the continuation of the Dexter Franchise due to the controversial Dexter: New Blood finale. The series saw the protagonist again starting his job of killing people, or what he called Dark Passenger. Everything was going smoothly in the life of Morgan until his son Harrison found out about his atrocities

In one of the episodes, Morgan shot Logan, who was an innocent police officer and Harrison’s wrestling coach. Logan’s death touched Harrison’s heart, and he vowed to put an end to his father’s Dark Passengers. What followed after that is a showdown between the father and the son. It ultimately ended up in Harrison shooting the protagonist dead

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With Dexter Morgan dead, it will be interesting to see how the story goes forward. What are your thoughts about the third Dexter franchise? Share in the comments. 

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