“Will Smith is the reason why…” – Kevin Hart Takes a Decisive Stand on the Oscar Slapgate

“Will Smith is the reason why…” – Kevin Hart Takes a Decisive Stand on the Oscar Slapgate

Kevin Hart is friends with almost everyone in the Hollywood industry. A huge reason behind this may be the fact that he is at the butt of his own jokes and doesn’t offend people unless it is a roast. The 43-year-old comedian is good friends with both Will Smith and Chris Rock. So if anyone’s opinion matters in the whole Oscar slap controversy besides the academy, it is his. And while you may still have some jokes left up your sleeves about the slap, Kevin Hart wants you to stop, and here’s why.

Kevin Hart has had enough of the Will Smith and Chris Rock controversy

Will Smith was an accomplished musician with a Grammy in his hand before he became an actor. With The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Smith started his three-decades-long acting career, which brought him tons of success and gave us an abundance of brilliant movies. The actor has received several accolades, including four Academy Award nominations for the Best Actor category, one of which he won this year.

There is no doubt that he would have received more had it not been for the Oscar slap. Additionally, Will Smith and Kevin Hart are going to be starring in the remake of Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. When asked about how who he would choose between Ice Cube and Will Smith, he chose the Pursuit of Happiness actor.

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While explaining why Will Smith is the GOAT, Hart was interrupted by N.O.R.E. calling the actor a gangster for the slap. Naturally, Kevin Hart was not happy with this. Taking Smith’s defense, he said, “Will Smith is the reason why the idea of African Americans attached to global IP is normal.” The comedian went on to credit the work the I Am Legend actor Denzel Washington put it, making studios more comfortable in gambling wth leads of color.

You need the faces that are giving universal return. Im not going to s**t on Will and act like he wasn’t that guy,” added Hart.

Men In Black, Pursuit of Happiness, Ali, Bad Boys, and many more; Smith has given us some of the greatest pieces of cinema in the past years. Thus, Hart is of opinion that it is time to let the incident go and allow Rock and Smith to solve their problems.

Do you agree with Kevin Hart? Let us know in the comments below. Meanwhile, catch Hart’s Netflix drama, True Story here.

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