Will Smith Who Lost His Cool at Oscars Once Desired to Turn His Younger Self for Similar Traits

Will Smith Who Lost His Cool at Oscars Once Desired to Turn His Younger Self for Similar Traits

Will Smith once talked about taking advice from his aggressive younger self. The actor who was always known for his jolly personality has been under heavy criticism since the Oscars incident. The magnitude of this was so large that the actor faced a ban from the Academy for a decade, even risking the date of his future projects from the wave of opposition.

But back in 2019, the then 51-year-old was seen as the lead in Angus Lee’s Gemini Man. During the promotion of the movie, the actor got real during an interview, talking about his younger self and how he would have looked up to a young Will for advice.

Will Smith on wanting to take advice from his younger self

The I Am Legend actor revealed what he would do if he met his younger self in real life. During an interview at YouTube space, La, the entertainer, said, “At 23, I was naive, ambitious, and aggressive. And there is a power to naivete. That’s a power that I’m actually trying to get back into my life right now. So I would be asking my 23-year-old self for advice. He made some good a** decisions. He made some good calls.” The actor gave credit to the quality of being naïve when young.

The Men in Black actor also stated how success makes him feel trapped, which is why he was so fond of a sci-fi thriller. As these concepts gave him a chance to explore more about life and self-reflection more. He loved the idea of how a person plants their own destruction. And how one’s own actions become the reason for their rise and fall. The movie Gemini Man, where he plays an aging assassinator, explores a similar storyline. Wherein the character Henry Brogan is chased by his younger self.

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Will managed to connect his real life to his reel life concept back. Today, he knows better than anyone else about the price of one’s own actions. Have you seen Gemini Man? Comment below and let us know what you thought of the movie.

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