Will Smith Who Lost His Cool at Oscars Once Desired to Take Advice From His Younger Self for Similar Traits

Will Smith Who Lost His Cool at Oscars Once Desired to Take Advice From His Younger Self for Similar Traits

Will Smith is an icon. People can only dream of achieving the heights Smith has attained in his career. With a career spanning over three decades, the Men In Black actor has done numerous films and won various accolades. While he certainly has had an incredibly successful career in both acting and rapping, the actor has also been through a series of controversies and problems.

After the Chris Rock slap gate incident at the 2022 Oscars, Smith became subject to harsh criticism from the masses. The actor was brutally condoned for his actions by both his co-actors and the audience. However, three years before the Oscar incident, Smith revealed that he would take advice from his 23-year-old younger self. 

The I am Legend actor has influenced tons of individuals throughout his career. So what advice did he take from his younger self? Let us find out.

Will Smith admits that we are our own enemy

Over the years, we have seen Will Smith in a plethora of films and tv shows. From I am Legend to Pursuit of Happiness, every role the actor plays is memorable and influential. Previously, the Men In Black actor also featured in Ang Lee’s ambitious thriller Gemini Man.

During a press conference for the film, Smith revealed how he would like to take some words of advice from the younger version of him. He confessed how he was naive yet ambitious when he was 23. Will also credited the younger him for making some wise decisions back then. Furthermore, The Pursuit of Happiness actor said, “I love the philosophical idea that we all plant the seeds of our own destruction, like we are our own worst enemies.”

Following the slap gate at the Oscars, the actor has been going through a rough time as most of his projects are either on hold or canceled. However, despite such wise words, the actor lost his cool at the Oscars. Although Smith could have avoided the Oscar controversy had he taken a page from Kobe’s book

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Elsewhere, the actor added how in the past few years, he feels trapped by his success. He also spoke about how the recent decisions and choices he made were to protect himself. Interestingly, the actor even had an adventurous time on his 50th birthday when he went paragliding over the Grand Canyon. Smith even posted the same on his Instagram

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