Will Smith Turns Into an Uncanny Santa Claus for NBA Star Marcus Smart and His Girlfriend

Will Smith Turns Into an Uncanny Santa Claus for NBA Star Marcus Smart and His Girlfriend

Will Smith played both Santa and Cupid this festive season. The actor who has had a tough year himself can be seen all over social media, trying to move on from the Oscar slapgate incident. While the actor remains busy promoting his latest movie Emancipation, he most recently helped NBA star Marcus Smart with something rather important.

Smart is a player for Boston Celtics. The 28-year-old  and his team bagged a win against the Milwaukee Bucks 118 to 139 recently. While it was already a reason to celebrate the festive season, there was another addition to his happiness. Something that Smith assisted the NBA star in very efficiently.

Exactly how did Will Smith help Marcus Smart with his girlfriend?

Will Smith is undoubtedly the celebrity of celebrities. But the actor who was grounded by circumstances this year, lend a helping hand to NBA player Marcus Smart with something life-changing. As per Today, it began with the player and his girlfriend watching a selfie-style video of Will Smith along with other people in a private screening. The video began with Smith introducing himself and stating that he was speaking from Antarctica. He said he just returned from the South Pole and wished everyone a Merry Christmas. “Now I know that you may not have gotten the stuff that you wanted. I promise you, you are not going to end this Christmas empty-handed,” he said, adding some curiosity.

That is when Smart turned to Hallum, bending on a knee and proposed to her. Hallum gasped at first as everyone around clapped and Smart said, “Come on, yes?” Hallum nodded in affirmation. The player then took to Instagram to share the story with the caption, “She said YES (whew).” Both of them were wearing matching checks pyajam, as they later posted in front of the Christmas tree, with the new fiancee showing off her diamond-studded ring.

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Safe to say, Smith not only acted like a Santa but also a cupid for the two. What did you think of the sweet gesture by Will Smith for Marcus Smart and his girlfriend? Comment your thoughts.

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