Will Smith Takes to Instagram to Laud Lebron James After Becoming NBA’s All Time Highest Scorer

Will Smith Takes to Instagram to Laud Lebron James After Becoming NBA’s All Time Highest Scorer

Watching a player like LeBron James play is an experience that comes along only once in decades. The LA Lakers star is a living legend who has inspired tons of individuals worldwide. With a career spanning over two decades, James has cemented himself as one of the greatest there is. And recently, after King James earned himself the title of the all-time highest scorer in NBA, he was flooded with praise from the NBA world and beyond, including from the likes of Will Smith.

Like usual fans, LeBron’s greatness and longevity are often praised by a number of Hollywood celebrities as well. During his latest match, a huge ensemble of stars, including Jay-Z, were on the sidelines to witness James further cement his legacy. As James achieved the unachievable, several Hollywood celebrities sent across their celebrations to congratulate the Lakers star. And amongst the plethora of stars was Will Smith, who took to Instagram to pay tribute to James.

Will Smith pays tribute to King James

LeBron James recently surpassed Kareem Abdul Jabbar to break NBA’s all time scoring record. Following the historic moment, a number of Hollywood celebrities could not hold themselves as they gave James his flowers. Among the flooding good wishes from the stars, one was from Will Smith. The Men In Black star took to Instagram as he shared a video to pay tribute to the Lakers legend. The post takes the audience through the legendary NBA career of LeBron James and also features some very iconic moments.

The I Am Legend actor even quoted LeBron in the caption. Smith wrote, “I was born with God given talent but I had to keep working at it. If I didn’t keep working at it, someone out there was gonna catch me.” Smith exclaimed “TRUTH!!” before as he mentioned LeBron James and concluded the post. The video tribute took the internet by storm garnering over 350,000 likes in just 19 hours. Up until the time of publishing, James has not reacted to Smith’s post.

Other Hollywood celebrities also praised LeBron James

Apart from Smith, a number of Hollywood celebrities and renowned individuals extended their congratulations to LeBron James. A video tribute shared by Bleacher Report featured some very popular individuals, including Drake, Rihanna and even Kendrick Lamar, lauding the Lakers Star. President Joe Biden also had a tweet to share about the Arkon Hammer.

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    Twyla Johnson
    February 10, 2023 at 6:50 am

    I use to really like Will Smith but after watching the infamous slap on Chris Rock at the Oscar Awards video, I lost all respect for Will. Will Smith is a wuss, and jada has made him look like a fool at every turn! Their adult children are weird intentionally. Will’s opinion of anything? I think nothing of.

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