Will Smith Reveals Who Made Him “burst into tears” on First Meeting in the David Letterman’s Netflix Show

Will Smith Reveals Who Made Him “burst into tears” on First Meeting in the David Letterman’s Netflix Show

It is indeed a beautiful feeling when you meet someone who has such a great impact on you and your life that you know nothing to do except for showing your emotions through tears. And that is exactly what happened when Hollywood star and rapper Will Smith met a personality who, according to him, feels like a spiritual presence. While talking to David Letterman on his show, Will revealed his experience of meeting this one person. But who was he?

Let us know that and more about this person whom Will Smith met. And also learn why he has such a great impact on the Oscar-winning actor.

Will Smith reveals who made him burst into tears upon meeting

While talking to Will Smith about a plethora of other things on My Next Guest Needs No Introduction, Letterman reminds Will about the time he visited Mozambique while shooting for his 2001 movie, Ali. He talks about the time Will met Nelson Mandela. And you instantly see the enthusiasm in Smith’s voice and eyes when he speaks about the South African revolutionary, Nelson Mandela. “There are only a couple of people I’ve met when you feel that spiritual presence,” Smith tells Letterman.

“I just burst into tears when I saw him when he walked in,” Smith adds. He also talked about how even after spending 27 years in jail, illegally, he came out, became the president of the country immediately, and forgave everyone who confessed their atrocities. Will Smith also revealed how Mandela understood the spiritual concept of how you poison yourself with that energy.

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There is a certain feeling that Will Smith oozes out when he talks about Mandela and his learnings from him. He points out how to hold a loving condition in your heart is to recognize that you are not that different from the person who commits atrocities. Now we know this episode was shot before the whole Oscar incident happened, so we hope Will shows the same maturity while he is analyzing himself.

Check out the episode of My Next Guest Needs No Introduction on Netflix if you haven’t already. Trust us, you are missing out on a lot.

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