Will Smith Receives Grand Welcome During His Visit To Tanzania, Fans Rush to Send Good Wishes

Will Smith Receives Grand Welcome During His Visit To Tanzania, Fans Rush to Send Good Wishes

Will Smith seems absolutely touched by the love received and by welcoming him to Tanzania. The actor seems to have moved on from his Oscar controversy as he is back in the spotlight. He has been touring and visiting different places, trying to reestablish himself amongst the fans. Although there is no doubt that the actor already has a fanbase globally.

The actor has visited Tanzania before but is set to be back in the East African country. But a new post by fans is likely encouraging him to visit the country again. Both he and his fans were excited to see the sweet gesture of fans in Zanzibar in a rather thrilling way.

People are awestruck as Will Smith shares a thrilling gesture by fans in Zanzibar

It took more than three decades for Will Smith to touch people globally with his acting skills. Will Smith took to Instagram to share the video of a fan. In the video, likely, shot in Zanzibar, Jamal, who is known for his diving skills, dives with his group from a height. They threw petals as they dived along with Smith’s photo, with the sun shining brightly in the backdrop. The divers styled Superman, Batman, and Spiderman gear as they succeeded with some risky jumps.

He shared the video with his nearly 63 million followed and tagged the video, “WOOOOOWWW…Thank You! Thank You!! That is Gorgeous. I’m on my way.” 

Fans were also ecstatic in the comments, appreciating the mesmerizing stunts in the video. Some fans were quite emotional over the tribute, stating how the video almost made them cry. One fan from Zanzibar explained the video, stating that the show is called Makachu. The group that gave the tribute is referred to as the Zanzibar Fun Divers. 

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Weeks ago, 12 Years a Salve actress, Lupita Nynong, also participated in the thrilling dive during her visit. It came as a surprise even for the artist Jamal, who had previously tagged her in one of his videos. He has also invited Chris Brown and John Cena through his videos. Now, having worked so many action movies throughout the years, Smith is not new to risky stunts.

Do you think the I am Legend actor should accept the invite and try the dive? Put your thoughts in the comments.

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