Will Smith Oscar Slap Reaches the ‘God of War Ragnarök’ as Thor Fights and Screams, “Keep Her…”

Will Smith Oscar Slap Reaches the ‘God of War Ragnarök’ as Thor Fights and Screams, “Keep Her…”

It is coming close to a year since Will Smith did the unthinkable at the Oscars and people are not even close to forgetting it, and rightfully so. It isn’t every day that you see one of the best Hollywood actors allegedly change their stance in a matter of seconds after sensing disapproval from their wife and slapping the host at the Oscars on stage, yelling at them to keep his wife’s name out of their mouths.

Although it shouldn’t be but there is no denying that this moment will be one of the most pivotal moments of 2022 despite chaos boiling up from all three sides, i.e., social, political, and geographical. You may be tired, but you still have to listen to a few more Oscar slap gate jokes and references in movies and stand-up comedies. And just recently, the Will Smith joke was adapted by one of the most popular video games in present-day God of War Ragnarök.

Will Smith makes a God of War Ragnarök cameo

Selling more than five million copies a week, God of War Ragnarök is undoubtedly one of the most exciting video games currently. For the unversed, if the ‘War’ in the title did not already make it clear, it is an action PlayStation video game. Given its enigmatic characters, strong storyline, and, most importantly, the heinous monsters to be defeated, the game is highly popular among gamers. And recently Will Smith made a cameo in the action video game. Or rather, his most defining moment in television history did.

One of the strongest players in the game is named Thor, and he is the God of thunder.

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While beating the hell out of a player, he yelled “Keep her name out of your damn mouth” when the player tried to mention his daughter, Thrud. This happened when a famous gamer by the name of ‘loltyler1’ was streaming his game of God of War Ragnarök. Marvel Cinematic Universe aside, this was definitely the multiverse of madness for gamers.

Ever since the Oscar slap gate, the Men In Black actor has released a public apology. But if there is one thing the Shane Dawson and Willow Smith kerfuffle has thought us, it’s that the Internet always remembers. Check out the entertaining video on Reddit.

What according to you will it take to forget the Will Smith Oscar slap? Let us know in the comments below.

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