Will Smith Once Had the Time of His Life Driving Auto-rickshaw on the Busy Streets of Mumbai

Will Smith Once Had the Time of His Life Driving Auto-rickshaw on the Busy Streets of Mumbai

Will Smith is one of the most happening actors we have come across in the industry. The American actor doesn’t shy away from experiencing new things and finding adventures in the most unlikely of situations. Perhaps his time in the Indian subcontinent back in 2018 is a testament to this. Not only the Asian fans had the privilege to see Fresh Prince perform live, but the Pursuit of Happyness actor too had the time of his life as well.

All the entertainment geeks are well aware of Smith’s 2018 tour to India for his special cameo in the Bollywood movie Student of The Year 2. From learning unique dance steps with Ranveer Singh and Tiger Shroff to exploring the country with Farhan Akhtar, the American actor certainly made the best out of his true as his dream to work in one of the Bollywood movies came true. But did you know, among his many once-in-a-lifetime adventures, he also had a wild experience driving an autorickshaw on the roads of the heart of India!

Will Smith once drove an auto-rickshaw on the streets of Mumbai

Smith had long wished to give a special dance performance in some Hindi movie and it came true when he finally signed the project starring Tiger Shroff. Directed by the Indian clickbait, Karan Johar. Whilst in India, back in 2018, Fresh Prince was seen riding an auto-rickshaw on the busy streets of Mumbai. According to Hindustan Times, the 54-year-old decided against just riding as a passenger and took the steering of the three-wheeler in his own hands.

Smith’s passion for exploration was evident in the videos and pictures of him driving the vehicle and navigating the congested streets of Mumbai. From what these viral shots suggest, he was certainly ecstatic while driving and could not resist showing his excitement. Notably, Will Smith made a special appearance in the closing dance song of the movie “Radha” and garnered appreciation from fans and critics alike.

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