Will Smith Once Called 15-Time Grammy-Winner Eminem ‘Clearly a farce’

Will Smith Once Called 15-Time Grammy-Winner Eminem ‘Clearly a farce’

Will Smith, as we know by now, is not afraid to express himself. One of the biggest stars in the industry once had an opinion on one of those biggest rappers, Eminem. We have not seen the two cross paths a lot, which could be why this has been unheard of so far. The two, although never worked together, had a brief meeting decades ago.

Will began his career as a rapper. A young budding talent, his struggles while making a mark as a musician is what led him to bag a role in the Fresh Prince series. However, he was not a very big star when he gave an opinion or two about the Rap God artist.

Will Smith in his view of Eminem

For Will Smith, it matters what the hip-hop song is all about. And despite Eminem’s good reputation, the entertainer had his own take on the artist. According to reports, the two had quite a silent tiff with each other back then, with the Slim Shady creator dissing the actor in his hit record, The real slim shady. But that was just a response to Smith once saying that he does not need to curse to become a good hip-hop artist.

According to DJ Jazzy Jeff, when Will and Eminem were still budding in their career, the DJ was hanging out with the Lose Yourself singer. The I Am Legend actor then walked in with Just The Two of Us. was playing. The actor calmly listened to the song and gave his take on it, “You are either gonna be the biggest flop in hip-hop, or you are gonna be the biggest thing that we have ever seen in hip-hop.” The comment stuck with Eminem forever.

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Will Smith also had the opinion that the mention of drugs, alcohol, and sex portrayed black artists in bad light around the world. Eminem, a white rapper, on the other hand, was harmless, according to him. “He is really creative but so far over the top that it’s clearly a farce,” said the Men in Black lead, who felt like Slim’s style was so over the top, it marked a clear line between his real and reel life, which prevented him from portraying his community in a bad light.

It is likely that Smith’s opinions have changed since then. But do you agree with his opinions about rappers and their message from the past? Let us know in the comments.

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