Will Smith Jumped off a Helicopter on His 50th Birthday, Risking It All for Thrills

Will Smith Jumped off a Helicopter on His 50th Birthday, Risking It All for Thrills

A Will Smith movie in the 90s guaranteed crazy action stunts. Be it jumping from questionable heights or making his motorbikes do a ballerina twirl, Smith was always up to the mark. Moreover, a majority of movies that cemented his position in the movie industry were high on action stunts. Not only did the actor make sure he was in spectacular shape, but also pulled off the most difficult of stunts with unbelievable suaveness. However, as the actor started aging, fans wondered if he had lost his mojo.

Will Smith put a full stop to any chatter that pointed to him being any lesser of an action star than he was before when he jumped off a moving helicopter on his 50th birthday.

Will Smith pulled off a million-dollar stunt for a good cause

Anyone who thought that Will Smith was only jumping from moving cars because he was being paid a hefty cheque for it was proven wrong by the actor. Will Smith, choosing to jump off a helicopter on his 50th birthday for no reason other than the thrill, proved that the actor is a dare-devil if Hollywood has ever seen one. As the actor celebrated half a century on 25 September 2018, he bungee jumped in the middle of the grand canyon to raise awareness for a Global Citizen charity aiming to minimize extreme poverty by 2030.

The actor posted the video on his YouTube channel, and fans were surprised to see him perform such a dangerous stunt despite not being paid for it. Smith too seemed a bit frazzled moments before he literally jumped the gun. The Fresh Prince’s family, alongside his close friend Alfonso Ribeiro, all came to cheer for the actor as he achieved such an iconic feat.

Smith’s love for stunts exceeds boundaries

Will Smith was among the first grand movie stars who transitioned to YouTube. It was not difficult for the actor to gain subscribers considering his place in Hollywood, but what attracted people to his channel was how the actor always cooked up something thrilling for his fans in every single video.

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His channel, apart from the few videos where he sits and reflects, is basically a collection of videos featuring Smith challenging himself with stunts. The most notable of the lot is his climb to the peak of Burj Khalifa.

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