Will Smith Evades a Long-Running Series of Mistakes With ‘I Am Legend 2’ Starring Black Panther Actor, Michael B. Jordan

Will Smith Evades a Long-Running Series of Mistakes With ‘I Am Legend 2’ Starring Black Panther Actor, Michael B. Jordan

Will Smith is back in the news but for good reasons this time. The I am Legend actor is back with the movie’s sequel with some good changes. The Smith starrer was an instant hit amongst the audience back in 2007. It won several nominations and mostly positive reviews. Now, nearly 15 years later we will witness the movie’s sequel, I am Legend 2.

The sequel will also have the fabulous Black Panther actor Michael Jordan in the lead. While no details about the movie is out yet, it is safe to say that a long-standing mistake made in Will Smith’s movie sequels will be rectified in I am Legend 2. Looking at his career, we will see that some sequels of his movies did not make it as big as the original movies. And this movie is here to make a change for the better.

Will Smith acts on changes that will make I am Legend 2 a better sequel

Will Smith is known for giving out some amazing movies. One such movie was I am Legend, whose sequel I Am Legend 2 is set to be made. But sequels of many movies of the King Richard actor do not become a hit because of one major mistake: the actor’s absence in these movies. Will’s previous movies such as Independence Day: Resurgence were one such example of a sequel that did not match the original in terms of success.

Other examples include Men In Black: International and Resurgence. Smith was part of David Ayer’s Suicide Squad which made $700 million at the box office but the sequel starring the original cast minus Will couldn’t even break $200 million. In contrast, Bad Boys for Life a sequel made in 2020, for which the actor reprised his role, was the highest-grossing movie despite theater shutdowns.

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What is different this time is that both Will and Michael Jordan will act and be producers of the film. The duo has never teamed up like this before, which in itself is exciting. Them being producers also means the two will have a certain amount of say in the movie’s making. This move would be good for the movie as both Jordan and Smith have combined box office earnings of over $12 billion.

As for I am Legend 2, it will likely follow the original zombie apocalypse plot. The original one showed Will playing a scientist and sole survivor on the planet who attempts to reverse a man-made virus and restore humanity. The sequel will possibly see him returning as Dr. Robert Neville and Jordan in some unrevealed but important roles. Of course, Smith’s involvement will not guarantee the film’s success, given his current public image, but it is a start.

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Do you think Will’s involvement in the sequel will increase its chance of being a success? Or will it have the opposite effect? Let us know in the comments.

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