Will Smith Celebrates One Year of His Memoir ‘Will’ as He Share Some Moments With Fans

Will Smith Celebrates One Year of His Memoir ‘Will’ as He Share Some Moments With Fans

The Prince Charming of Hollywood, Will Smith has always been known for his captivating roles in movies. The actor was catapulted to fame with the action comedy-thriller Bad Boys which became a turning point in his career. Man in Black star never failed to demonstrate his remarkable versatility as we know him as one of the biggest celebrities today.

Do you know how he managed to bring that charm on stage? Well, if you have read his amazingly fierce memoir Will, you might know about it. The Oscar-winning star embedded every page of his life in the book that he wrote with Mark Manson last year.  Now the book has completed its first year and Smith is happily sharing some moments on social media.

Will Smith thanks his fans to make his book a success

Will Smith shared a post on Instagram on November 14, reminding his fans of the day he launched his memoir. The 54-year-old star thanked his fans and all the readers who took the time to read his book. “It’s been ONE YEAR since I released #willthebook – Over 1,000,000 copies Sold – 31 different languages all around the globe,” read the caption. 


On the day of the celebration, the Aladdin star gave fans an insight into how he complied his book. Smith shared a video where he describe how he used to make notes and cards to organize the chapters of Will. Moreover, the post also had several videos of promotions and the release day where his fans gathered to support him.

Will talks about the journey of a dynamic star through the path of life

People usually do not get the chance to get a close look at the lives of superstars and successful personalities. However, Will by Will Smith gives us a detailed description of his journey in Hollywood and fame. The actor gets real about his life starting from being a fearful child to achieving greatness in the entertainment world.

“This memoir is the product of a profound journey of self-knowledge, a reckoning with all that your will can get you and all that it can leave behind,” says the Goodreads description.

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The book instantly became a  #1 New York Times bestseller! with positive reviews from readers and critics. You can buy Will or hear the audio version available on Amazon. And don’t forget to share your views with us in the comment section.


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