Will Smith Believes Protection and Safety Is an Illusion, Says “You can’t protect your family”

Will Smith Believes Protection and Safety Is an Illusion, Says “You can’t protect your family”

Family is an essential thing to us all. They are the only people we love and trust unconditionally and innumerably in our lives. And if there is one family that has always proved to have strong bonds, it is the Smiths. Will Smith especially has always come forward to talk about the immense love he has for his wife and three kids.

So naturally, when you think of a man who loves his family to bits, you know he will do anything in his power to protect them. However, Will somewhat denied all these claims in his My Next Guest Needs No Introduction episode. Let us see what the King Richard actor actually meant.

Will Smith can’t protect his family

David Letterman’s curiosity knows no limits. His amazing questions were at their peak in the Will Smith episode. That’s probably why it surely was the most entertaining one. However, many people were sad that they couldn’t hear Will talk about his Oscar incident.

They were heavily compensated for by the topics David touched on in the hour-long interview with Will. Most of the discussion revolved around aspects of Will’s life that David read in his 2019 memoir: Will.

The book contained a lot of personal stuff from Smith’s life, ranging from his childhood to his profession. However, a topic Will talked about the most was his family. Will’s family surely has had a huge impact on the actor.

In fact, what took place on the night of the 94th Academy Awards shows how far Will can go for his family. But when talking about protecting the people closest to him, Will shared how the safety of any kind and protection are all illusions.

He felt that in this world, everything and everyone is dispensable. Thus, true safety is nothing but a concept. And one can never protect their families in the true sense.

He said, “You can’t protect your family, right? That’s not real. Protection and safety is an illusion.”

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Certainly, Will Smith’s episode was a revelation where we got to know a lot about his life and how he deals with challenges. And a big part of handling challenges for Will is staying calm and knowing that things aren’t in anyone’s control.

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