Back When Jaden Gave A Surprise Performance to Commemorate Will Smith’s Birthday

Back When Jaden Gave A Surprise Performance to Commemorate Will Smith’s Birthday

Join your hands and sing the praises of the Fresh Prince as Will Smith is celebrating his 54th birthday. Over fifty years of his lifetime, the American actor has given us some of the most heart-warming and enlightening dramas of all time. His rocky journey to success is something worth coming across. However, we are not here to narrate the story today but to take you down memory lane of the 2019 IGOR tour when Jaden Smith made his father’s birthday all more memorable by giving a surprise performance in Philadelphia.

Apparently, back in 2019, when young Smith was performing for Tylor’s IGOR tour, he pulled a heart-throbbing performance in the city where Will Smith was born. Yes, he happened to be in Philadelphia during Smith’s 51st birthday. Jaden, along with the audience, fascinatingly lauded Happy Birthday whilst he sang the theme song of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air to honor his father’s virtues. The tenor was so awe-inspiring that it was perhaps the best birthday present a father could receive.

Back when Jaden commemorated the birthday of his father Will Smith in the most special way possible

On September 25, 2019, Will Smith turned 51. His son Jaden, who was traveling with Tyler, the Creator, on his IGOR tour, helped mark the occasion with a hearty rendition of Happy Birthday from the audience. As a surprise for both his father and the crowd, Jaden played The Fresh Prince of Bel Air’s theme song and encouraged everybody to sing along.

The fans quickly picked up on the catchy rap introduction from the vintage event, underlining his father’s and the series’ enduring effect on popular culture. Not just that, the 24-year-old rapper also took to Instagram to share the values his father had taught him.

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Jaden played the role of the small boy in The Pursuit of Happyness, and his father’s golden words on the set made a long-lasting impact on his life. Even after the famous slap gate controversy that happened at the Oscars this year, the Smith family stands united.

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