Will Smith and Tom Holland Had Not Met for 2 Years While Making a Film Together

Will Smith and Tom Holland Had Not Met for 2 Years While Making a Film Together

Will Smith and Tom Holland were a part of one of the best-animated movies of 2019, Spies in Disguise. But looks like Will Smith and Tom Holland took being spies a bit too seriously because the actors did not meet each other for two years despite working on the same film. Spies in Disguise is a 20th Century Fox animated movie directed by the famous duo Nick Bruno and Troy Quane. To add the icing on the cake was the intriguing screenplay by Brad Copeland who Lloyd Taylor.

The character of Lance is voiced by Will Smith and Walter Beckett by Tom Holland. Furthermore, the highlight is Beckett turning Stanley into a pigeon. Spies in Disguise consisted of hilarious banters that one could swear comes from years of friendship. However, Smith and Holland had never even met each other before or even during the production.

Why did Tom Holland and Will Smith not meet even though they were co-stars?

Before you go to the obvious answer that they had beef between them, we would like you to scratch that. The only reason for Tom Holland and Will Smith not meeting during the making of Spies in Disguise was their busy schedules. Holland was in New York which is where he recorded his part. And Will Smith was in Los Angeles where the Pursuit of Happiness actor is a permanent resident.

Holland on Jimmy Kimmel Live said, “Never met him,” before further revealing that despite working together for two and a half years, he only got the chance to meet him before the press conference of Spies in Disguise. But it was no ordinary first meeting.

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The two of them met while trapped in an escape room. “And I don’t know if I wanted to escape, I was enjoying myself there will Will Smith,” told Holland to Variety. Despite never meeting each other and being voice actors the two of them showcase incredible chemistry in the movie.

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