Will Prince Harry Ever Become King? Or Can He Even Become One?

Will Prince Harry Ever Become King? Or Can He Even Become One?

After the tide of accusations that Prince Harry and his wife have rained upon the Royal family, some rose up to say that the real reason behind their rage is possibly the fact that he cannot become the King. The Duke of Sussex’s memoir was titled Spare, to reflect the supposedly degrading way in which the Royal family treated him. Furthermore, the approximately four hundred pages amalgamate what many believe is Prince Harry’s jealousy.

Things are different on the other side of the coin, however. They see him as an inspiration, a force to reckon with, and an institution in himself that needs to be crowned.

Is there even a chance for Prince Harry to become King?

After the death of Queen Elizabeth ll, there has been a natural progression in the line of succession to the throne. And the same has been updated on the Royal website. The Prince of Wales, Prince William, stands first, followed by his three children. “When William becomes king, Kate will become queen,said Robert Hazell, a professor at the University College London as reported by Insider. Then comes the Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry. While the current environment may make it seem like he is the last one standing, Prince Harry comes as close as 5 in the line of succession.

‘So close, yet so far’ is the perfect way to describe Prince Harry and his relationship with the crown. This stands true not only in terms of succession but also in his deteriorating bond with the Royal family.

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For Meghan Markle’s husband to triumph over the crown, it would take a paradigm-shifting tragedy involving the untimely death of Prince William and his children.

Is the Duke of Sussex aiming for the Crown?

If Prince Harry was hoping to one day sit on the throne of Britain, you do not have to be a royal expert to understand the Megxit was not a step in the right direction.

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The Duke of Sussex is busy setting up his own empire through Archwell Foundation in the United States, with a very negligible chance of him returning to the UK permanently or temporarily, especially after the Frogmore eviction. Regardless, if the Duke did have intentions of being a King one day, it could only happen through a miracle or a mass uprising.

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