Will Netflix Greenlight ‘The Bubble’ 2? Everything You Need To Know

Will Netflix Greenlight ‘The Bubble’ 2? Everything You Need To Know

The Bubble gave us a glimpse into a very specific time: during the pandemic. More specifically, we got an insight into how difficult is to make an adventure film during the Covid-19 pandemic. The film came out at the time pandemic, which makes it very relevant. However, even though the situation is subsiding, things can escalate in the future anytime soon. Therefore, we can expect Netflix will give a green light to create The Bubble 2.

The Bubble by Judd Apatow ends at a cliffhanger. The whole production, including the cast and crew of Cliff Beasts 6 attend the premiere of the film. But, instead of the film, all they saw was the shoot footage in a documentary about how they made the film.

After two years, they reunite to relive again the traumatic filming experience of filming the fictional Cliff Beasts 6. So, the ending of the film can be the perfect beginning of the next sequel film. But will there be The Bubble 2? Here’s everything we know about the sequel film on Netflix.

When will The Bubble 2 happen?

Since Netflix didn’t give an official green light for The Bubble 2, it is still unclear when (or whether) it is happening. But, as we know, the streaming giant is an expert in creating a sequel to almost every Netflix Original film. So, we can hope to see The Bubble 2 soon.

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Who all are returning?

Since most of the characters are alive in the previous film, we can expect every cast will return to The Bubble 2. And if Judd Apatow directs the next film, we can expect Leslie Mann and Iris Apatow to return as Lauren and Krystal, respectively. The other cast who can join the sequel film are:

  • Pedro Pascal as Dieter
  • Karen Gillan as Carol
  • Keegan-Michael Key as Sean
  • David Duchovny as Dustin

When the sequel will release?

Since there is no announcement from the Netflix side, we guess we have to wait for The Bubble 2. If the film gets confirmation from Netflix. We can expect the film to hit on the streaming giant in the months from March to May of 2023. But, we don’t think the streaming giant will start the production so soon. It will take over 2 years to release the film. So, if The Bubble 2 gets a green light on time, we can still expect its Netflix release date before 2024.

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