Will Netflix Greenlight ‘Echoes’ Season 2 After Disastrous Reviews?

Will Netflix Greenlight ‘Echoes’ Season 2 After Disastrous Reviews?

To renew or not to renew? That is the question. How many times a day does Netflix ask itself this? While we may never know the answer, it is certainly amusing to think about. It is a little nerve-wracking as well since the fates of all our favorite shows hang by a thread, especially the ones that have left us dangling in mid-air. Yes, we speak of the recent Netflix limited series, Echoes, and the likelihood of Echoes season 2.

Despite heavily critical reviews, the show that premiered a mere fortnight ago managed to knock down The Sandman from its number one position on Netflix’s top 10. While this is no small feat, we all know that this might not be enough for Echoes to get a season 2. Let’s find out what stands in its way.

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What are the chances of Echoes Season 2?

Echoes definitely had an intriguing premise. Twin sisters, Leni and Gina, swap lives Prestige-style, in an attempt to get the best of both worlds. A perfect utopia, right? Well, when one of them goes missing, it doesn’t take long for the idealistic setting to flip upside down. Clearly, the enticing premise was not enough for the critics.

Apart from several bad reviews, Echoes even tanked in the rating department. The Netflix series received an anemic 5.9 from IMDb. The critic’s consensus on Rotten Tomatoes was 25% while the audience score was slightly generous at 45%. If this was the sole deciding factor, Echoes season 2 would have been a broken dream by now.

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Additionally, the crime thriller has the tag of a “limited series”. This, combined with the fact that there aren’t any whispers for a renewal, diminishes the chances even more. Neither Netflix nor the creators have uttered a single word regarding Echoes season 2. Given that The Sandman still hasn’t been green-lit for a season 2, looks like Echoes fans will have to suffer the wait as well.

Having said that, Echoes still reigns on the top 10 charts. Moreover, the final episode has definitely left scope for another season. Let’s see where the show stands after a full month. Since we now know how the giant streamer makes these big decisions, the scale could tip in any direction.

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What did you think of Echoes? Do you think it deserves a season 2? Comment below. Meanwhile, if you haven’t yet, check out the thriller now streaming on Netflix.

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