Will King Charles Push Prince Harry to Leave Meghan Markle Just to Get Him Back in the Family?

Will King Charles Push Prince Harry to Leave Meghan Markle Just to Get Him Back in the Family?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle never held back from talking about how the senior royal members had treated them poorly. Because of their statements, the couple had to face a lot of criticism from the royal experts and commentators. However, after the release of their docuseries, Harry & Meghan, the couple once again made it to the headlines of the news. Amidst rampant chaos, there are a lot of talks going on about the divorce of the couple.

Reportedly, King Charles is planning to get his son back and is ready to forgive him. Many royal experts have accused the Suits star of being greedy. They have also claimed the Dutchess is only after the royal title of Prince Harry. However, the statements from the Dutchess differ from these accusations. But does King Charles also believe in those accusations? Is the King really planning something to get his son back?

Is King Charles planning the divorce of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle?

Reportedly, King Charles also believes the wedge between the royal family and his son is because of the Dutchess of Sussex. He believes divorce is the only way to get his son out of this “toxic relationship”. Thus, the King of England has hired high-ranked divorce lawyers in the UK and in the USA as well. Reports have it that the King is willing to offer $50 million to Markle as well as extraordinary child support. He thinks the money will appease the actress because she is greedy and it would set her for life.

The courtier claimed King Charles was ready to forgive Prince Harry for all the damage he has caused to the British royal family. The King is determined to stop his son from throwing his life away. Therefore, despite their differences, the monarch wants to save his son because Markle has manipulated his mind. Before it is too late, it is safe for the Duke of Sussex to get out of a potential lifetime of damage.

However, an unknown source has expressed doubts about the success of the King’s plan. The rumors regarding their divorce are not new to the Sussexes. The Duke, on the other hand, had admitted during an interview with Anderson Cooper in his 60 Minutes that he didn’t want to go back to a working royal.

The Duke also cleared the speculations during his interview with Tom Bradby and admitted being happy with his wife and children. Therefore, the palace source thinks the Duke of Sussex is so dazzled by his wife that he would never leave her.

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Do you also think the California-based royal couple would not get divorced? Do you think King Charles will get a positive outcome from his plan to save his son? Feel free to share your views with us in the comment box below.

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