Will Ferrell’s Visit to Wrexham AFC Fulfills a Major Ryan Reynolds Promise Made in 2021

Will Ferrell’s Visit to Wrexham AFC Fulfills a Major Ryan Reynolds Promise Made in 2021

Apart from being a skilled actor, Ryan Reynolds is a skilled manager as well. After acquiring control of Wrexham AFC, the Canadian actor and his buddy, Rob McElhenney, took the team to another level. While getting global recognition, Wrexham AFC hosted many celebrities as well. In the recent match, the Spirited star, Will Ferrell, also visited the game to support his co-star’s football team. But did you know Reynolds made a promise to bring Ferrell to the game back in 2021?

With their Christmas film, Spirited, people started to admire this duo. However, the Deadpool actor once vowed to bring The Office actor to the stadium in 2021. As reported by Yahoo!, in his interview at the Racecourse Ground, Reynolds opened up about acquiring the football club. While talking about it, he stated, “I would love to get Will Ferrell here, he’s a pal and a fan.” When he expressed this wish, the Red Notice actor had just finished working with the Everything Must Go star.

Will Ferrell is indeed a fan of the game. He part-owns the Los Angeles Football Club. He is also a big fan of the documentary the owners of Wrexham AFC created. And thus, by recently visiting the Wrexham AFC game, Ferrell helped The Proposal star fulfill the promise he made in 2021.

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Ryan Reynolds is the perfect host at Wrexham AFC

Before the Elf actor’s visit to the stadium, the team hosted many other celebrities. Even King Charles paid a visit to the club and appreciated the work done by the owners of the Wrexham Association Football Club. Apart from the Royals, the club has been a host to the Deadpool 3 director and Reynolds’ friend, Shawn Levy as well.

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Among these celebrities, there was a special guest at the game in the latest match. Reynolds brought his eldest child, James, to the match.

After the Hollywood actors acquired Wrexham AFC, it has become more popular than ever. What are your thoughts about it? Are you also a Wrexham AFC fan? Share your favorite football player from the club with us.

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