Will Dream Come For Lyta’s Child In ‘The Sandman’ Season 2? Does This Child Have Powers Like Rose Walker?

Will Dream Come For Lyta’s Child In ‘The Sandman’ Season 2? Does This Child Have Powers Like Rose Walker?

“Dreams Don’t F**king Die:” The Sandman series gave viewers some of the best messages that purpose can be found in the darkest nights. And that human life will be doomed if they do not have dreams or nightmares. Because both fear and hope are the feelings that help the waking world survive their weary existence. However, the realm of creation itself was threatened by human beings when Roderick Burgess captured Morpheus. Meanwhile, Dream was unaware that another danger to The Dreaming had taken birth.

There is an important role of humans in the series in creating a disbalance between the realms of human beings and The Dreaming, as they are ignorant of the consequences it will bring to their lives also. And one of the biggest instances of that is the birth of Lyta’s child. What this child is fated to be in the season of Neil Gaiman’s series remains a mystery to all. Is he going to be a threat to Dream’s kingdom? We have tried our best to answer this question.

The child of the Dreaming world will have a massive impact on season 2 of The Sandman 

In the debut season of The Sandman, viewers get to know that a vortex has taken birth in the waking world. We get introduced to Rose Walker in episode 7, who keeps on having weird dreams. Morpheus calls her a true annulet of the era and that she has the power to destroy everything.

We see that her dreams start breaking the wall between the human world and dreamland. Lyta (Vanesu Samunyai), who is the only connection left in Rose’s life, becomes the victim of her powers, when Lyta starts living with her dead husband Hector Hall in The Dreaming. Eventually, it is revealed that she is pregnant as Vortex’s powers are breaching the wall of reality.

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Moreover, when Dream gets to know about Lyta’s baby, he threatens to take away the child since “the baby was conceived in the Dreaming” explained the king. Before Lyta and Hector are banished, viewers see The Dreaming is slowly cracking, and this unnatural child and Lyta’s presence in  the realm was the reason behind it.

The history has repeated itself from Unity to Lyta 

Therefore, the season ended with a cliffhanger about what future Lyta’s baby holds. However, this is not the first time such an incident took place, Unity Kincaid is the living evidence of it. Unity was the one who connected Endless to the waking world by giving birth to Rose’s mother. Consequently, all this messed-up situation is the result of Morpheus being imprisoned for 105 years.

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After removing the Vortex, a new disaster is waiting at the doors of Dreaming once again. No one knows what power this kid might have. The only hint we have is that the baby is named Daniel. Ring any bells? Yes! ‘D’ is the letter which connects him to all the Endless, and he certainly is destined for The Dreaming.

What do you think? What are you theories about Daniel? Share them in the comments below.

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