Wild Hunt is Staying a Little Longer in ‘The Witcher’ But Henry Cavill is Not! The Heroic Sendoff Will Be Devoid of Cavill’s Greatest Battle

Wild Hunt is Staying a Little Longer in ‘The Witcher’ But Henry Cavill is Not! The Heroic Sendoff Will Be Devoid of Cavill’s Greatest Battle

Fans were just settling down and accepting the fact that Henry Cavill is no longer their favorite monster-butchering medieval superhero in Netflix’s breakthrough series The Witcher, a new portal opened up to their disappointment. The streaming platform is putting in appreciable efforts to assure the audience that Cavill’s single-handed contribution to uplift the series and make it a grand success will not go unacknowledged.

Showrunners even promised that he will have a heroic send-off from the fictional drama. However, nothing seemed to work, as Blood Origin saw enough backlash from the audience and critics alike. However, as soon as the big promise seemed to cast its magic, all may go in vain if Netflix is not able to live up to its golden words. Notably, season two of the series ended with a huge cliffhanger, teasing the much-anticipated wild hunt trope. And till now, we were under the notion that Cavill’s Geralt will have his massive show-off as his heroic send-off when he fights these Ciri-hunters and saves the world. But it might not be the case.

Henry Cavill may not fight the Wild Hunt in The Witcher season 3

Just to brush up on your memory, Wild Hunt is the looming threat to Ciri. It is a group of hunters who wants to capture her and use her elder blood to their benefit. And the trio was to face them off in the much anticipated season 3. However, Lauren Hissrich recently teased that it is a threat that “right now it stays this ever-looming threat to her. It sort of goes between her fingers. She can’t quite catch it and figure it out yet.” This seemingly suggests that season 3 will be the foreground for this arc and it will reach its crescendo under Hemsworth’s regime.

Although all this may mean Cavill’s Geralt will not be in arms with the wild hunt, he will dismiss his neutrality and will do “anything that he has to do to get to Ciri.” Hissrich further informed (via Fandom Wire) that they did not write it to be like this in the first place but with Liam Hemsworth taking up the mantle, he will have a different mission altogether. Notably, saving his child surprise is perhaps the most heroic turn-on for the British actor, according to the showrunners.

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