Shaded or Appreciated? Chance the Rapper Tries to Decode a Song Lyric by Ice Spice

Shaded or Appreciated? Chance the Rapper Tries to Decode a Song Lyric by Ice Spice

Shaded or appreciated? Chance The Rapper seems to have a question for Ice Spice. Dissing tracks are quite common, especially in the world of rap. Although it is done in light fun or after a ‘beef’ on or off stage. The diss is made through creative lyrics to throw shade at the targeted rapper, exciting the fans as well.

Ice Spice, whose real name is Isis Gaston, has given out some hit song numbers like Euphoric, No Clarity, Bikini Bottom, etc. The artist takes inspiration from female rappers like Cardi B and Nicki Minaj. She recently released her song In Ha Mood and now Chance The Rapper wonders if the New York-born entertainer was trying to diss him through her lyrics.

Diss or no diss? Chance the Rapper is in confusion over a new song by Ice Spice

Chance The Rapper wants to know if Ice Spice was spicy to him in her newest song. Daily Loud on Twitter posted that the Juice singer believes that Ice Spice tried to diss him in her latest song In Ha Mood. Apparently, the lyrics of the song went, “He a rapper, but don’t get a chance.” The sentence has words that make up the name Chance The Rapper. He took to Instagram to tag her and ask whether it was a diss or a shout-out. Twitteratis are trying to help him decode along with some hilarious comments.

One fan commented how the rapper should take it as a compliment if the Bronx rapper is trying to diss him with her lyrics. Considering that Ice Spice has claimed to be writing her own lyrics, only she would know the truth. But most other fans suggest that the song had nothing to do with him, and it was mere wordplay.

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Although one comment stated that the lyrics are her trying to hint that Chance the Rapper stands no chance to get her. While another one suggested the rapper should refocus on his career and create new music. Before this, there were speculations of Drake writing a diss track about Ice Spice called Her Loss.

Do you think the In Ha Mood singer meant to take a dig at the Brain Cells singer? Comment your thoughts.

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