Why The John McAfee Netflix Documentary, ‘Running with the devil’ Is In Contention?

Why The John McAfee Netflix Documentary, ‘Running with the devil’ Is In Contention?

Directed by Charlie Russell, Running with the Devil: The Wild World of John McAfee is a Netflix documentary that dives into the unbelievable story of a millionaire businessman. The movie premiered on the streamer on Wednesday showcasing the events that took place in McAfee’s life. From interviews to reporting this movie talks about the former years when he sold his antivirus software company.

The world might know him as a pioneer of this software. But the movie narrates a different much more eccentric tale of his run and suicide in jail. Although critics have reviewed that the film has failed to display a clear picture of these events. Keep reading to know what the movie has missed that should have been told to the viewers.

Running with the Devil is an exhausting tale of a lunatic fugitive

John McAfee was a famous yet peculiar personality who made authorities chase him constantly for years. The movie begins with John’s retired years when he was living a life on the run. There are several footages of the businessman as he loved to jump into the camera all the time. From being a murder suspect of his neighbor on Belize island to claiming his innocent the movie doesn’t give viewers what actually happened to this man.

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Whereas it keeps on jumping from one footage to another and focuses more on the people who followed him. The central true story of this highly messed up fugitive remained blurred. At one moment he is shown with his girlfriend Sam and then the story moves to further chaotic years of the run. Therefore, the movie is in the contention that what exactly the creators wanted to present. Because viewers might not get the gist of his actual corrupt story.

What reviewers are saying about the movie? 

According to Decider, Running with the Devil is an overwhelming tale of a madman which leaves viewers delusional. They have recommended people to not watch the movie or you might” sigh deeply” in the end.

“This type of thing pushes the doc more towards sensationalism than truth-seeking.”

Also. CNN Entertainment stated, “it’s simply too much of a mess to even qualify as a good story”. Because this presentation was a temporary respite according to them as they are deeper mysteries his life held.

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On the other hand, The Review Geek called it a fascinating story that gives insight into never seen videos of the software tycoon.

“These sort of crazy and unhinged moments will ultimately keep you watching – and guessing – as to what John is likely to do next.” Well, the major part of the reactions says that they have not depicted the story correctly. The choice of content should have been better than this.

Have you heard about the case of John McAfee? The man who died in a Spain Jail or he feigned his death is still unknown.

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